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The Xillor Archivist


The Xillor Archivist is a collection of PHP scripts that archives data from the web-based game Hyperiums ("Xillor" is one of the game's alien races).

It can download game data files (gzipped text), which provide a snapshot of the Hyperiums universe.

It also lets you import this data into a MySQL database to aid in further analysis. The database stores the histories of every alliance, player, and planet and also logs all in-game events.


The Xillor Archivist v0.1.0 (released July 22 2009)


  1. Follow the initial instructions found in the readme.txt file.
  2. Run the download script to download the data files:
  3. Run the database script to import the data into a MySQL database:
  4. If running Linux, you can use cron to run both these scripts on a regular basis.
  5. If you have PHPUnit, you can also run the unit tests: